Faith Formation

Immaculate Conception provides faith formation opportunities for people of all ages. 

  • From preschool through First Communion children are welcome at our Sunday programs during and after Sunday Mass.  For more information contact Dorothy Cordova.
  • From middle school through hight school our youth participate in faith formation after Sunday Mass.  For more information contact Theresa Bash.
  • This fall we are forming a confirmation class for our youth aged 16 and older.  Contact Deacon Greg for information.
  • For adults, bible study classes run in 10 weeks series throughout the year.  Contact Deacon Joseph Connor for information.

Other formation takes place near sacramental events:

  • For Baptism of Infants contact Deacon Joseph Connor.
  • For children seeking First Communion contact Dorothy Cordova.  Classes begin in the fall. 
  • For children 7 or older who have not been baptized contact Deacon Greg. Classes run concurrently with First Communion.  
  • For Confirmation contact Deacon Greg.
  • For Marriage contact Deacon Greg, please allow at least 6 months.
  • For adults who would like to become Catholic, contact Barbara Connor.  It is best to begin this process in the fall.
  • For adults discerning a call to a religious vocation, the diaconate or the priesthood, contact Fr Maurice.