Liturgical Ministry

Our Liturgy Commission works with Fr Mamba to guide and develop our liturgical celebrations in ways that are both traditional and contemporary.  We celebrate the history of our church by recognizing the contributions of our ancestors of faith and the needs of today.  Deacon Joseph Connor serves as the Chair of the Liturgy Commission with Fred Verzosa as Secretary.  


The Eucharistic Liturgy forms the center of our life together as a community.  We encourage people of all ages and experience to deepen their participation in the liturgy by taking on a liturgical role.

Music: One who sings prays twice.  Parishioners are encouraged to join our choirs who lead our song during our liturgies.  Click here for more information.

Lector: Proclaiming the Word of God is a key way of entering into God's actions throughout history and today.  To assist with the Word contact Deacon Joseph.

Eucharistic Ministers: Sharing in the sacrifice of the Mass through the sharing of Christ's Body and Blood forms the center of our Celebration.  Ministers assist with the distribution of the Eucharist within the celebration and may have opportunities to take Eucharist to members of the community who are in the hospital or are homebound.  Contact Se'vera Dowd to minister Christ's Body to Christ's Body.

Altar Servers: 4th Grade students and older are encourage to assist in our celebration by facilitating the actions of the service itself.  From leading our procession, to preparing the table, to ensuring our presiders have the right tools for the particular rite, our servers play a key role in our celebration.  If you are interested serving, contact Immanuel Nkeze.

Greeters/Ushers: We are a welcoming community and no one typifies this better than our greeters who welcome visitors as they enter our church each Sunday.  If you like meeting new people and enthusing about Immaculate, we need your help.  Contact Don Barberie to sign up!



Liturgical Ministry