Earth Stewardship

Immaculate Conception has partnered up with Seattle Public Utilities to provide recycle and food compost bins in our Jean Moran Hall.  Parishioners and visitors are encouraged to use the proper bin for food waste, recyclable and non-recyclable items.  Please note the posters and signs throughout the hall. 

To view/download a copy of our Earth Stewardship policy, please click here.


Green Bins = compost (food wastes, compostable paper items such as paper towels and food containers) - Immaculate prides itself in using compostable paper plates and utensils at our Parish sponsored events.  These items can be emptied into the compost bins.

Blue Bins = recyclables (non-food soiled items, aluminum foil, newspapers, soda pop cans, plastic water bottles, jars, etc.)

Black Bins = garbage (everything else not listed above)

For a complete guide on what items goes where, please visit King County's website by clicking here.